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The 200 Club of Wake County is an organization of concerned citizens dedicated to providing immediate financial help for the spouse and children of police officers, sheriff deputies, firefighters, EMS squad members and North Carolina State Highway Patrol serving in Wake County who lose their life in the line of duty.

Our Beginnings

How it Began

In the early 1950's a Detroit businessman elicited generous response when he asked friends to contribute to the family of a young local police officer fatally wounded while attempting to thwart a bank robbery. The first 100 Club was founded by this group of Detroit businesssmen. Over the years, other organizations have formed across the nation through word of mouth to accomplish the same goals. The 200 Club of Wake County is modeled after The 200 Club of Morris County, New Jersey which was formed in the 1970's. 

June 2000 - Wake County

The 200 Club of Wake County was formed as a non-profit corporation in June of 2000. Its mission is to provide immediate funds to the surviving spouse and children of public safety officers who lose their life in the line of duty. The impetus behind The 200 Club came from the parents of a Raleigh police officer killed in the line of duty in July of 1997. That same year North Carolina tragically lost seven public safety officers killed in the line of duty, two of whom were from Wake County. There was a tremendous outpouring of concern for the lives lost and many people expressed a desire to do something to show their support for the families. The 200 Club  provides the community with that opportunity.

Patricia Talik  Hale
April 18, 1931-May 23, 2017

Richard Armour Hale
November 24, 1929-November 20, 2021

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